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J.T. McArthur

Land Acquisition Manager

J.T. McArthur is a land acquisition manager at LeCesse Development. He joined the company in 2021, bringing over a decade of experience to his role. As land acquisition manager, J.T. is responsible for acquiring sites for multifamily developments throughout the state of Florida. J.T. establishes and manages relationships with real estate brokers, landowners, and other market participants that ensure future multifamily development projects continue. During his time at LeCesse, J.T. has helped acquire many building sites as the company continues to expand. J.T. is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. He has experience as a civil engineer and land development manager. J.T. enjoys playing sports, exercising, and spending time with his family when he isn’t working with us at LeCesse.

J.T. McArthur
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